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West Michigan Smallmouth Bass, Skamania Steelhead, King Salmon Guide Trips

Summer is here and the Smallmouth Bass fishing has been good, Skamania have been around the piers, and some big Kings have been taken out on the lake.  We have been seeing some larger than usual King Salmon, Steelhead, and Coho this year out on Lake Michigan.  There seems to be a good amount of bait fish this year and the fish have been taking advantage.  There have been numerous King Salmon over 20lbs taken this Spring/early Summer and good numbers of Steelhead in the 10 to 15lb range caught as well.  We have been catching some good Skamania from the piers on the right days as well. We should see some real pigs later this Summer and Fall when these fish hit the rivers.  

Smallmouth Bass fishing has been good for us on the river, the water has warmed up, levels have dropped, and there are tons of minnows in the river that they have been feasting on.  Smallmouth fishing is usually good steady action for us so if you want to get out on a trip this is a fun one to do.  I offer both jet boat and drift boat trips on the Muskegon River, Grand River, Kalamazoo River, St. Joseph River, and other area waters.  Action should only get better as the Summer goes on!

If you are looking to do a Skamania (Summer Run Steelhead) or Atlantic Salmon trip I will be offering those for the Summer as well.  Get a hold of me and we can get a good date set up for you.

Thinking ahead to fall if you want to get out for some King Salmon, Coho, or Steelhead give me a call or email to set up a trip.  Lots of bait out in the lake this year so we should have some real trophy sized fish showing up this year.  

West Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guide Service

Atlantic Salmon

Michigan Atlantic Salmon Fishing Guide ServiceOne of the most prized game fish in the world, Atlantic salmon are heralded for their leaping and fighting ability. Although they were once native to Lake Ontario, they were extirpated from the Great Lakes before 1900. Named for their home range in the North Atlantic Ocean, these fish have been transplanted into the upper Great Lakes and a world-class fishery for them has developed in the St. Marys River.

Though planted in the Boyne and the Au Sable Rivers as early at 1972, Atlantics did not flourish. The state has maintained a fishery in Torch Lake in Antrim County with stocked fish and some natural reproduction in the tributaries has been noted.

The fishery in the St. Marys River rapids is top-notch, by far the best recreational Atlantic salmon fishery west of the East Coast. It is maintained by an annual stocking program, run by Lake Superior State's Aquatic Lab in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources.

Our Atlantic Salmon fishing trips are during the months of July and August.  Atlantic Salmon are hard fighting and very acrobatic when hooked.  We pursue these fish using spinning, centerpin, and fly fishing gear.  It is not uncommon to catch a variety of species while pursuing the Atlantic Salmon.  Whitefish, Steelhead, Cisco, and Walleye are just some of the other species that are by-catch while fishing for the Salmon Salar.

Skamania Steelhead, King Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, and Smallmouth fishing in Michigan

We have been catching a variety of species lately all over the state, Skamania Steelhead, King Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth, and Pike.  

Skamania fishing has been good from the piers when the conditions are right and there are more and more trickling into the rivers.  I still have some dates open this Summer for Skamania Steelhead so give me a call if you want to get you butt kicked by some of these insane fish.  

I was up in Sault Ste. Marie fishing Atlantic Salmon on the St. Mary's river again this year and we had an awesome time catching a bunch of these high jumping acrobats.  We use a variety of techniques to chase these fish and the Atlantic Salmon are some of the most exciting fish to pursue around. If you are looking to get out and fish the highly prized Atlantic Salmon I will be offering trips for them starting next summer.  If you want to book a couple of days I will offer a discounted rate.  They are well worth the trip up to the UP!

King Salmon Fishing has picked up on Lake Michigan.  The water has started setting up finally making the Kings a little more predictable and easier to target.  Meat rigs have been the best bait for King Salmon while bright colored spoons have taken most of the Steelhead.  

Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass fishing has been good with the hot weather setting in.  The Muskegon River and Grand River should have some good Smallmouth action for the rest of the summer.  Although my favorites are the cold water species the Smallmouth Bass are close behind.  Top water baits, crank baits, tubes, craws, whatever, they are an aggressive fish.  The Largemouth Bass and Norther Pike have been on the bite as well in the inland lakes and on slower sections of the rivers.  Tubes, crank baits, and top waters will catch the pike and bucket mouths.

I will be starting my river trips for King Salmon in late August on the Pere Marquette and Big Manistee rivers.  I will be offering morning and afternoon crank bait and skein fishing trips for these river monsters.  The numbers on the lake seem a little better than last year and the size is up as well.  The fish are fat and healthy so they should be a real handful when they show up in the rivers.  I will be back and forth between the PM and the Big Manistee depending on where the fishing is best at the time.  Later in September I will be offering trips on the Muskegon and Grand Rivers as well as they start to fill in with fish.  If you have a date in mind let me know so I can get you in the books before the dates fill in.

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Grand River, Muskegon River, Lake Michigan, West Michigan Fishing Reports

It is hard to believe but July is already here and we are well into our Summer fishing.  There are lots of opportunities out there right now.  We have Smallmouth Bass and Trout fishing on the Muskegon River, Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Catfish, etc. on the Grand River.  The Skamania are hitting off from the piers and a few are filtering into the rivers.  There are some good sized King Salmon showing up in our catches on Lake Michigan along with Steelhead, Lake Trout, and the odd Coho and Brown Trout.  There seems to be a good amount of bait fish around this year in the lake and the Kings that are out there seem to be bulking up after the long Winter/Spring we had.  We are seeing good Kings over here but a lot of the larger 20 to 25 lb fish that I have heard about are still over in Wisconsin waters, some of those fish should start making there way over here as the summer goes on and the urge to head into their natal rivers kicks in.  

If you are looking to get out this Summer I will be offering Summer Run Steelhead fishing trips in the rivers over the next couple of months.  Skamania or Summer Run Steelhead are insane when you hook into them, they are one of the wildest fish around when hooked.  These fish can be caught using a variety of methods such as float fishing, drift fishing, fly fishing, casting hardware, plugging, etc..  

Skamania Steelhead Fishing

I will be up on the St. Mary's River in Sault Ste. Marie fishing for Atlantic Salmon later in July and have a couple days open for that if you want to get out and catch some of these magnificent fish.  When hooked Atlantics are usually in the air showing off how high they can jump followed by long fast runs that will surely have your blood pumping.  These fish are one of the most prized game fish in the world and we have them right here in Michigan.  Float fishing, casting, fly fishing, and drift fishing are the most popular ways to fish for Atlantic Salmon.  

St. Mary's River Atlantic Salmon  

If you are looking to get out and catch some Smallmouth Bass we have a number of different trips for those.  The Muskegon River, Grand River, Thornapple River, Flat River, Rogue River, etc..  Some of the Smaller rivers I offer Kayak and Wade trips on if you are looking for a combo Kayak/Fishing Trip.  There is some excellent fishing on some of these smaller waters.  

Kayak Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Lake Michigan fishing is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon with with family.  There are some good sized Kings out there this year and as the lake sets up over the next few weeks we should see some better fishing for those as well as Steelhead, Trout, and Coho.

Lake Michigan King Salmon Fishing

Starting in late August thru October we will be chasing King Salmon in the rivers.  I will be up on the Pere Marquette and Big Manistee throwing crankbaits, fishing bobbers and skein, as well as some other techniques.  Later in the Salmon run I usually head south as the fresher fish enter the Muskegon and Grand River.  These fish are sure to get your heart racing when you hook into one of these river monsters.  If you are looking for a combo King Salmon and Steelhead fishing trip mid October is a great time for that.    

Big Manistee King Salmon Fishing

If you are looking to book a trip give me a call at 616-570-2946 or you can email me through my contact page.

Captain Greg Knapp


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