Michigan King Salmon River Fishing

9/28/11 King Salmon Fishing was pretty good again today, we put a decent number of fish in the boat and lost some as well.  We had a few go on crankbaits at daylight and then the bobbers were dropping pretty good for the first few hours.  I got out in the afternoon myself for a couple hours of fun fishing and landed a handful as well on floats and skein.  Fishing for kings with crankbaits and floats and spawn should stay good for atleast another few weeks.   We are also offering Steelhead trips as of now as well, although not numerous yet there are some to be had and the ones that you hook this time of year are a blast.  Below are a couple of pictures from this morning.

King Salmon Fishing






King Salmon Float Fishing







West Michigan King Salmon River Fishing

9/25/11  King Salmon Fishing around West Michigan has been on fire the past few weeks.  The Pere Marquette, White, and Muskgeon Rivers have all been fishing well, the Grand River has had a decent run of Coho, Kings, and a few Steelhead.  We have tied into some real monsters lately, I have had a lot of clients lately complaining of sore arms from battling some of these brute Kings.  We have been hooking lots of fish most days and landing a lot of fish most days.  Today was a little slower with the rain that fell, it seemed to have had the fish wanting to move more than anything.  We have been catching all of our fish on Crankbaits and while fishing Bobbers and Skein.  Fihing should continue to be good for Kings for the next few weeks and then we will start fishing Steelhead for the most part but still offering King Salmon Fishing Trips.  Call Now to get in on the action!


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