Kalamazoo River

Grand River and Muskegon River Guided Fishing for Steelhead

Our guided steelhead fishing trips have been going good on the Muskegon and Grand Rivers.  We have been catching good numbers of fish everyday, it has been a good mix of fresh run fish and darker fall run steelhead.  Float fishing, bottom bouncing, and plugs have been putting fish into the boat.  It seems like the fish are pretty spread out in the river systems, the Muskegon has a good number of fish from Croton down to the lower stretches, the Grand has fish in the upper above the dam in Grand Rapids as well as in the lower below town.  I have heard some decent reports from guys that I know that fish the Kalamazoo, they have been doing well while fishing plugs.

If you are looking for a great Christmas idea we are offering our discounted Winter Steelhead fishing trips through February.  Our Winter trips are 4 or 6 hour trips and I provide a heater on the boat to keep your hands warmed up between fish.

Here are a few pictures that were taken since my last report.

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West Michigan Steelhead Fishing

Well Fall Steelhead fishing is more like Winter Steelheading at the moment with the weather we are having.  We have been catching good numbers of adult Steelhead everyday and the snowy landscape has been pretty impressive as well.  The Muskegon River seems to have fish spread throughout the system, the Grand River has been fishing well upstream and downstream of Grand Rapids, the Kalamazoo has been doing well from Allegan down to Saugatuck, and the Pere Marquette has been doing well in most stretches as well.  I still have a good number of dates to fill in December if anyone wants to get out and enjoy some of the great Winter fishing that we have here in Michigan, the scenery is awesome as well this time of year.  If you are looking for a gift idea for a family member that likes to fish a gift certificate for a guided Steelhead fishing trip is a great idea.

Below are some of the fish we have boated the last few outings.

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Grand River, Muskegon River, and Kalamazoo River Steelhead Fishing

11/25/12 We have mainly been Steelhead fishing the Grand River near Grand Rapids over the past week and we have been doing good.  We have been catching good numbers of nice sized Steelhead while on our guide trips.  They have been catching Steelhead with a few Brown Trout mixed in near the dam at 6th street in downtown Grand Rapids, the water is low and clear so a stealthy aproach pays off.  The Muskegon continues to fish well with fresh fish moving in, like all the rivers in Michigan it is running low and clear as well so switching between baits has been paying off.  The Kalamazoo has been getting some good pushes of Steelhead as well, there is a good mix of darker fish that have been in the river for awhile and fresh fish that have been coming in daily.

Below is a sampling of the Steelhead that we have been catching.

Grand Rapids Fishing Guide Trips




Grand River Steelhead Fishing Guide Trips






Michigan Steelhead Fishing Guide Trips





Muskegon River Steelhead Fishing Guided Fishing Charters






Guided Steelhead Fishing in Michigan





Steelhead River Fishing Guide Trips on the Muskegon River







Grand River near Grand Rapids Steelhead Fishing Guide Trips










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Michigan Steelhead Fishing has been FANTASTIC!

1/12/12  I have had some free time to fish myself this week and the fishing has been great, we are seeing lots of bigger than average sized fish.  The Muskegon River, Grand River, Kalamazoo River, and Pere Marquette River have all been putting up big numbers of Steelhead.  The warmer weather that we have had has had the Steelhead acting more like it is late November rather than January, lots of good runs and jumps out of these fish.  We have been taking most of our fish while float fishing with spawn and also taking fish on jigs in the clearer watered rivers.  Most of the rivers around the state have a good crop of fish so the winter fishing should continue to be great.  Give us a call and book a winter trip, the scenery is beautiful and we have the rivers to ourselves.  Below are a few of the many Steelhead that have seen my net over the past few days.

Michigan Steelhead Fishing


Muskegon River Steelhead Fishing







Kalamazoo River Steelhead Fishing






Pere Marquette River Steelhead Fishing






Pere Marquette River Steelhead Fishing







Grand River Steelhead Fishing




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