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Smallmouth Bass, Skamania, and more

Summer is here and Smallmouth Bass fishing should continue to be good on the rivers as long as they are in shape.  If you are looking to get in on some good bass fishing on the Grand River or Muskegon River I have some prime dates in July and August open.  Skamania or Summer Run Steelhead have been along the lake shore depending on the water temperatures and a few have been coming into the rivers.  If you want to get out after some of these we can either get in on some lake shore action or we can do some river fishing.  King Salmon fishing is just around the corner for some of our area rivers and the fish I have seen this year on the lake have been very healthy.  We have already brought multiple 20lb fish to the net while fishing Kings when they have been around the shorelines this Spring and early Summer.  I have about half of my dates already booked for September and early October for Kings on the Pere Marquette, Manistee, and Muskegon Rivers.  I was possibly going to do some late August and early September trips on the Betsie river out of a 3 person fishing raft if there is any interest as well.  If you want to get out this year on a guide trip and toss some crankbaits, plug, float and backbounce skein for King Salmon get with me soon.  

Steelhead Fishing on the Muskegon River and Grand River

Steelhead Fishing has been good on the Muskegon and Grand River when the weather lets us get out.  It looks like the temperatures are going to moderate this week and give us some temperatures in the 30s and 40s.  I still have some Winter dates open if you are looking to get out before Spring.  If you are looking to get into or try Centerpin float fishing let me know and I can bring a couple of centerpin set ups along.  We can always sit back and plug fish if you are looking to do that as well.  Plug fishing is a good way to sit back and relax while you wait for a fish to hit, you can sit back and keep your hands warm while I work the boat and plugs.  If you are looking to get out this Spring for Steelhead give me a call sooner than later so we can set up a date that works out best for you.  Below are a few pictures of some doubles and triples from this Winter.

Muskegon River Steelhead Fishing


Winter Steelhead Fishing on the Muskegon and Grand River

Steelhead Fishing has been good for us at Getting Bit Guide Service.  The Muskegon River and Grand River have been fishing good for Steelhead when the weather permits.  We have mainly been float fishing but plug fishing has been good when we have done that as well.  6th street dam area in Grand Rapids on the Grand River should be fishing good when the water drops if you are looking to shore fish, try some jigs and waxworms.  I still have some winter dates open for January and February.

King Salmon and Steelhead Fishing on the Pere Marquette, Muskegon, and Grand Rivers

We have been fishing King Salmon for the past month on the Pere Marquette and Muskegon River.  Fishing has been decent on most days, we have seen a some big mid to high 20lb kings mixed in with the 13 to 18lb fish.  We have been catching our fish on Crankbaits, plugs, and eggs.  We have also caught a few Coho and Steelhead over the past couple of weeks as well.  I still have a few days open in October, November, and December for Steelhead and Salmon fishing on the Grand River and Muskegon River but the dates are going fast.

Muskegon and Grand River Smallmouth Bass and Walleye Fishing

Summer Smallmouth action has been fantastic!  Since my last report I have been bouncing around here and there catching a variety of species including Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Atlantic Salmon, Whitefish, Herring, Pike, Steelhead, and more.  It has been a great Summer so far and we have put a lot of good sized fish in the boat.  By the looks of the fish coming out of Lake Michigan we should continue that trend throughout the rest of the year, the size of the Kings, Coho, and Steelhead have been really impressive.  When I see pictures of 30 plus lb Salmon and 20 lb Steelhead in the month of June that usually means that my tackle is going to take a beating come fall.  

If you want to get out this Summer for Smallmouth Bass we have been catching good numbers of fish everyday.  Smallmouth trips are a great way to get out and enjoy beautiful scenery and great fishing that we have here in Michigan.  Summer Smallmouth trips are a great way to get your kids out of the house, the action is usually steady and they are pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fish that swims in freshwater.  We have been catching some decent sized Pike while fishing for Smallmouth Bass, we had one a few trips back grab onto a bass that we were reeling in.  Walleye fishing has been good as well, most of the fish have been in that 15 to 19 inch range but we have seen a few pigs here and there.  We should have some great fishing for Smallmouth and Walleye well into September.

River fishing for Salmon is coming soon and I still have a few dates open but they are going fast.  I have heard of a few Kings entering the rivers over the past month but they are spread pretty thin for the most part.  I suspect that we will be seeing lower numbers of fish around again this year but there will be a chance at some really big fish.  

Skamania Steelhead are around as well.  The water temperatures are really high with these high 80 to 90 degree days we have had so I really have not messed around with them lately.  If you want to get out for these we should have some decent fishing once we see a cold front come through again.

Summer Run Skamania Steelhead Fishing, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass Fishing Trips

We have been finding a few Summer Run Steelhead in the rivers over the past week, not good numbers by any means but there are a few are around.  The Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass fishing has been good on the Muskegon and Grand Rivers, top water fishing should take off good soon.  If you are looking to catch some Northern Pike the bite has been good for us on the Grand River as well.  If you are looking to get out on a Skamania or a Skamania/Smallmouth Bass combo guide trip this summer the fishing should be good well into September.  Smallmouth, Largemouth, and Pike fishing guide trips are good action and a great way to spend a Summer day.  My King Salmon trips will be starting that first week of September and my days are starting to fill in so if you want to get out for Kings, Coho, or Steelhead this Fall let me know and we can figure out a date to get out.  If you want to try your hand at some pier fishing for Skamania Steelhead and Salmon a guided trip is a good way to learn how and catch some fish.

Here are a few pics from the past few outings.

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West Michigan Smallmouth Bass, Skamania Steelhead, King Salmon Guide Trips

Summer is here and the Smallmouth Bass fishing has been good, Skamania have been around the piers, and some big Kings have been taken out on the lake.  We have been seeing some larger than usual King Salmon, Steelhead, and Coho this year out on Lake Michigan.  There seems to be a good amount of bait fish this year and the fish have been taking advantage.  There have been numerous King Salmon over 20lbs taken this Spring/early Summer and good numbers of Steelhead in the 10 to 15lb range caught as well.  We have been catching some good Skamania from the piers on the right days as well. We should see some real pigs later this Summer and Fall when these fish hit the rivers.  

Smallmouth Bass fishing has been good for us on the river, the water has warmed up, levels have dropped, and there are tons of minnows in the river that they have been feasting on.  Smallmouth fishing is usually good steady action for us so if you want to get out on a trip this is a fun one to do.  I offer both jet boat and drift boat trips on the Muskegon River, Grand River, Kalamazoo River, St. Joseph River, and other area waters.  Action should only get better as the Summer goes on!

If you are looking to do a Skamania (Summer Run Steelhead) or Atlantic Salmon trip I will be offering those for the Summer as well.  Get a hold of me and we can get a good date set up for you.

Thinking ahead to fall if you want to get out for some King Salmon, Coho, or Steelhead give me a call or email to set up a trip.  Lots of bait out in the lake this year so we should have some real trophy sized fish showing up this year.  

West Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guide Service

Trout and Bass fishing on the Grand and Muskegon Rivers

The warmer weather is here and we are now focusing more on Smallmouth Bass and Trout fishing.  There are a few Steelhead still on beds on the Muskegon river if you are still looking for those.  Trout fishing on the Muskegon has been decent, we have not landed any monsters lately but we have landed some decent sized brown trout while pitching crankbaits.  The Muskegon River Smallmouth Bass action is not too far off, we should have some great action this Summer.  As the Grand River drops and warms up we should have some great Smallmouth Bass action, Walleye, Pike, Catfish are another bonus while fishing the Grand.  If you are looking to get out this Summer for Smallmouth, Summer Run Skamania Steelhead, Trout, etc., give me a call.

Michigan Smallmouth Bass FishingWest Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guide ServiceMuskegon River Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guide ServiceMuskegon River Brown Trout Fishing


Spring Steelhead Fishing on the Grand and Muskegon Rivers

Spring is here and fresh Steelhead are showing up daily.  I have mainly been fishing on the Muskegon River but have hit the Grand lately as well.  The Grand River has been pretty high and dirty over the past week or two and is starting to shape up good.  We are forecasted more rain so it could get pretty ugly again for the Grand.  6th street dam in Grand Rapids has a good mix of some fresh steelhead and suckers showing up.  The Muskegon has been fishing decent over the past couple of weeks for us, it seems like fresh fish have been trickling in.  We have seen some pretty good sized fish mixed in with the average size ones that we have been catching.  With a little bump in the water we should see a good push of fish and it will be game on.  It looks like we are forecasted a little cooler weather this week which is good, it should prolong our Steelhead season.  I have some dates later in April that I was holding off on booking so if you want to get out I have the 13th, 18th,19th, 21st, 22nd, 26th, and 27th open.  

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Spring Steelheading on the Muskegon and Grand River

Our Steelhead fishing has been good on the Grand River and Muskegon River.  These warmer temperatures we have had in February has brought in some of our Spring Steelhead and we have been getting good numbers.  It has not been insane easy fishing most days but by knowing the rivers and how to get them we have been putting good numbers of fish to the net everyday.  I expect an earlier than normal run of fish this year with the current water temperatures and lack of ice on Croton and Hardy ponds.  We have already caught a couple of male steelhead in february that were already spawning or were all set to go.  Give me a call if you want to get out, I still have some good dates in March and April open.  I am not sure how May will play out for Steelhead this year with the warmer weather, I am sure the Muskegon will still have fish but how many is another question.  616-570-2946  

Here are a few fish pictures taken since my last fishing report

Grand River Steelhead FishingGrand Rapids Fishing Guide ServiceGrand Rapids Steelhead FishingGrand Rapids Fishing Guide ServiceMuskegon River Steelhead Fishing GuideMichigan Steelhead Fishing Muskegon River SteelheadMuskegon Rivergetting bit guide service

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