Pere Marquette River and Big Manistee River King Salmon Coming Soon! Lake Michigan King Salmon heating up!

Now that we are into August my King Salmon guided trips on the Pere Marquette River and Big Manistee River are less than a month away.  If you are looking to get out on a guided King trip get with me as soon as possible, I still have some late August, September, and October dates available.  October is a great month for big numbers of both King Salmon and Steelhead so if you would like to try your hands at both that is the time.  We offer the use of centerpin, spinning, or bait casting equipment and cater to all ages and skill levels.  If you have not done the King Salmon Crankbait fishing you have to try it.   

The Skamania Steelhead have been around the piers lately and with the colder river temps some of them have been flying up the rivers as well.  If you are into Skamania fishing contact the MDNR and ask them to start planting these in more of our Michigan rivers, maybe if they receive enough emails they will realize how popular this fish has become.

Smallmouth Bass action has been good on the Muskegon River, Grand River, and the Flat River.  Tubes, Senkos, Crankbaits, or live bait has been working good.

The King Salmon fishing out of the port of Muskegon has picked up.  It was a tuff go for Kings over the past month but the past couple of days have been good, hopefully they stick around for the rest of the month.  Steelhead fishing has been great out on the lake trolling, we have found some real hogs this summer.

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Lake Michigan King Salmon and Steelhead and Muskegon River Smallmouth Bass action.

Fishing for King Salmon and Steelhead out of Muskegon has been picking up.  The Steelhead this year seem to be a few pounds above average size, there seems to be lots of those 9 to 12 lb fish out there.  As for the Kings we have been seeing a lot of the 4 to 8lb fish but the big ones seem to be just starting to show back up.  Right now is a good time to get out and get into a mix bag of Kings, Steelhead, Lake Trout, and Coho Salmon.

Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on the Muskegon River has been good.  We have been getting a lot of the smaller 12 to 13 inch sized bass with a few larger ones thrown in about every time out.  Most of the Brown and Rainbow trout have been running on the smaller side with lots of 8 to 9 inchers with a 14 incher thrown in here and there.

Skamania river fishing has been really slow this year for river and pier fishing.  They just do not seem to want to come in yet this year.  This will change it is just a matter of when.

King Salmon River Fishing is just around the corner.  Give me a call to get in on some early Kings on the Pere Marquette or Big Manistee throwing crank baits and skein.  There have been some fish over 20lbs showing up lately on the lake so hopefully we will have another good year for King Salmon over 20lbs on the river.  The Steelhead on Lake Michigan have been running on the large size, I cannot wait to see what size they are come this fall.  If you are planning a guided King Salmon or Steelhead trip this fall give me a call so I can get you in my book before most of the dates are filled.  I still have some dates to fill that first week of September and a few strung out throughout the month as well as some afternoons.  October is a great month for Kings and Steelhead and I still have a decent number of days to fill for that month.  We are usually getting big numbers of Kings and good numbers of Steelhead throughout the month of October.  

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Lake Michigan King Salmon Fishing

The Salmon and Steelhead fishing on Lake Michigan out of Muskegon has been good.  Most of our fish have been coming up higher in the water column, 3 to 7 colors of lead core, 30, 75, and 150 coppers have been hot.  The spoons that have been seeing the most play are Stingers UV Green Dolphin, Frosted Veggies, UV Mixed Veggie, Orange Crush, and Jaw Breaker.  We have been taking some bigger Kings on our Flasher Fly Combos while fishing them deeper on our low divers and riggers.  The 8 and 11 inch white fish scale paddles with a Big Weenie living the dream fly and a blue and chrome spiny with a blue bubble fly has been our best combos.  

We have also been doing some Smallmouth Bass fishing on the Grand River and that has been hit or miss lately.  The water has been running a little high and stained, as the summer goes on and it drops and clears the action will heat up.

The Muskegon River has been fishing well for trout with some bass thrown in as well.  

River fishing for King Salmon is not too far off so if you are looking to get out this fall let me know ASAP as my dates are filling in.  I will be offering morning trips and a limited number of afternoon trips as well.  We usually target the King Salmon in the rivers from the end of August into late October.

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Lake Michigan Fishing for King Salmon is Hot

King Salmon Fishing out on Lake Michigan has been great.  There are lots of Kings in that 8 to 15lb range biting right now in close out of Muskegon and Grand Haven.  Now is the time to get out and get into good numbers of these feisty fish, it is hard to beat the fight and taste of a Spring King Salmon.  I ran my last Spring Steelhead Trip this past weekend and there were still a decent number of fish around but I would imagine that will be short lived.  I am looking forward to giving the Steelhead fishing a rest for a while while we concentrate on Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, and Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing.  If you want to get out Charter Fishing for King Salmon give me a call, we offer morning and afternoon 5 hour trips.  Otherwise if you would rather stick in shore and fish for Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Catfish, Trout, etc., we can get out on the Muskegon River, Grand River, or some of the inland lakes around the area.

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Muskegon River Spring Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead Fishing has been awesome over the past few weeks on the Muskegon River.  We have been putting lots of fish into the boat on our guided steelhead fishing trips.  We have mainly been float fishing with spinning gear and centerpins.  I also fished the Grand River in Grand Rapids near the 6th street dam and did pretty well for May, we were into the double digits for a couple hours of fishing with a mix of dark and chrome drop backs and some dime bright fresh run fish.  The Rogue River has also been putting out some good fish lately from what I have been hearing.  The Muskegon River has been where we have mainly been and it has been producing large numbers of spawners, drop backs, and some fresh fish.  If you are looking to get out and try Centerpin fishing we have a brand new arsenal from Raven Tackle and we still have some openings on the 12th, 13th, and 14th.

Below is a sample of the fishing lately.

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Muskegon River, Grand River, Rogue River, and White River Steelhead

Fishing has been good on most area rivers such as the Muskegon, Rogue, White, and PM.  The Grand River has been winding down with a few fresh ones trickling in and a bunch of dropbacks heading back down to the lake.  Most of the rivers have cleared up nicely but the Muskegon was still running pretty dirty as of today the 25th.  We have been taking fish while float fishing with spawn, beads, jigs, etc..  Drift fishing with spawn bags or wobble glos has been producing as well.  Steelhead should be available in the rivers well into May this year with the way this Spring is going.  I still have the 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, and 14th open if anyone is interested in getting out.  After that we will be starting our Smallmouth trips on the Grand River as well as Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing Charters out of the port of Muskegon.

A few pics from the past few outings are below.

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Spring Steelhead

As of today 4/14/14 the Grand River, Muskegon River, Rogue River, and White River are all pretty high and dirty.  They will probably be very tough to Steelhead fish for the next week or so.  The good thing is that most of them should be fishing good as they start to drop.  Before the floods we were catching fish while float fishing and plug fishing.  The Muskegon had not received many fresh Steelhead yet so that should change with the recent rains.  Some guides were already fishing gravel to spawning fish on the Muskegon River over the past week if that is your thing.  The Grand River in Grand Rapids near the 6th street dam was giving up a mix of fresh and darker winter fish, look for a bunch of fresh fish to shoot through with the flooded waters and fill into the smaller tributaries.  The White river sounded like it was fishing good last week for Steelhead, look for the dam in Hesperia to fish well as the water starts to drop.  The Rogue river as of a few days back was just starting to see a half way decent push of fresh fish so look for that to fish well as it drops.  Steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River and other area rivers should be good late into May this year with the colder than average water temperatures.  I still have some late April and May dates available if you are looking to get out and enjoy some warmer weather Steelhead fishing.  We offer the use of Spinning, Centerpin, Fly, and Baitcasting rods and reels.

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Spring Steelhead Fishing on the Grand River and Muskegon River

Spring Steelhead fishing is here!  We have been fishing the Grand River and Muskegon River since my last report and fishing has been good for us most days.  We are still seeing a mix of dark fish and fresher spring run fishing.  We should have a big push of chromers showing up over the next couple of weeks.  We have been float fishing with spinning gear and centerpins and doing well.  Drift fishing with spawn and wobble glos have also caught their share as well.  There have been a lot of guys fishing the shorelines up near 6th street dam in Grand Rapids doing well on steelhead.  The Rogue and White Rivers should be popping off soon as well for those of you looking to wade in.  I still have some dates available the week of the 20th and and 27th if you are looking to get out this Spring.  May should have some good fishing as well this year with how cold the water is and I have plenty of open days the first 2 weeks of May for the Muskegon River.

Below are a few from recently.

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Muskegon River Steelhead Fishing

The Muskegon River has been fishing pretty good for us for Steelhead and the occasional hog brown trout.  We have mainly been float fishing but plug fishing has been taking some steelhead for us as well.  The Grand River has been pretty high and dirty for the past week.  I hear that they are getting a few fish downtown Grand Rapids at the 6th street dam.  From the sounds of it most of the fish are being lined rather than biting, if the water clears a little more that should change.  The water is still really cold on most of the rivers so the Steelhead fishing should remain good for awhile, look for rivers such as the Muskegon to have good numbers of fish through April and well into May.  If you are looking to get out on a guide trip give me a call as I still have some great dates open in April and May.  It looks like some warmer weather coming in the next 7 days so the fish should start showing up in force soon!

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Muskegon River and Grand River Steelhead Fishing

Spring Steelhead fishing is officially here, if you are going by the calendar that is.  The runs of Spring Steelhead are a little behind this year due to the extreme Winter we have had, the good thing is that we had a great push of fall fish and some small trickles of fresh fish that have kept us busy lately.  Steelhead fishing over the past couple of weeks on the Muskegon River and Grand River has been good on most days but there have been a few days that we have had to work for them a little harder.  We have mainly been float fishing for Steelhead with spawn and beads. We have also had some great days that we were mainly drop back fishing plugs were we were putting double digit numbers of fish into the boat as well.  The Grand River is running pretty high right now with stained water, they are catching some winter hold overs as well as a few fresh fish up at the 6th street dam.  The Rogue River and White have opened up for the most part and have been fishing decent for mostly hold over Steelhead.  The Muskegon is running pretty low for this time of year and we have been catching mostly Fall and Winter run Steelhead with a true chrome one here and there.  The size of the fish lately has still been impressive, we have boated numerous Steelhead over the past week between that 12 and slightly over 16lb range.  I am guessing that the bigger runs of fish will be a couple of weeks behind schedule this year.  Look for April and the first half of May to have some great Steelheading.  If you are looking to try out Centerpinning we have all new Raven gear for this season.  We also offer the use of Spinning and Baitcasting reels as well.  We are offering 4, 6, and 8 hour trips for this Spring so give us a call to get out and enjoy this great resource that we have here in Michigan. 

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