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Muskegon River, Grand River, Rogue River, and White River Steelhead

Fishing has been good on most area rivers such as the Muskegon, Rogue, White, and PM.  The Grand River has been winding down with a few fresh ones trickling in and a bunch of dropbacks heading back down to the lake.  Most of the rivers have cleared up nicely but the Muskegon was still running pretty dirty as of today the 25th.  We have been taking fish while float fishing with spawn, beads, jigs, etc..  Drift fishing with spawn bags or wobble glos has been producing as well.  Steelhead should be available in the rivers well into May this year with the way this Spring is going.  I still have the 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, and 14th open if anyone is interested in getting out.  After that we will be starting our Smallmouth trips on the Grand River as well as Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing Charters out of the port of Muskegon.

A few pics from the past few outings are below.

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Spring Steelhead

As of today 4/14/14 the Grand River, Muskegon River, Rogue River, and White River are all pretty high and dirty.  They will probably be very tough to Steelhead fish for the next week or so.  The good thing is that most of them should be fishing good as they start to drop.  Before the floods we were catching fish while float fishing and plug fishing.  The Muskegon had not received many fresh Steelhead yet so that should change with the recent rains.  Some guides were already fishing gravel to spawning fish on the Muskegon River over the past week if that is your thing.  The Grand River in Grand Rapids near the 6th street dam was giving up a mix of fresh and darker winter fish, look for a bunch of fresh fish to shoot through with the flooded waters and fill into the smaller tributaries.  The White river sounded like it was fishing good last week for Steelhead, look for the dam in Hesperia to fish well as the water starts to drop.  The Rogue river as of a few days back was just starting to see a half way decent push of fresh fish so look for that to fish well as it drops.  Steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River and other area rivers should be good late into May this year with the colder than average water temperatures.  I still have some late April and May dates available if you are looking to get out and enjoy some warmer weather Steelhead fishing.  We offer the use of Spinning, Centerpin, Fly, and Baitcasting rods and reels.

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Winter Steelhead Fishing

Winter finally let up her grip a little this past week and the Steelhead fishing was fantastic.  We caught Steelhead using a variety of methods, float fishing with spawn and jigs, dropping back plugs, and bottom bouncing were all productive.  We have been catching a mixture of colored up fall holdover Steelhead and chrome fish that have not been in the system very long, a few nice Brown Trout have come to the net as well.  The wild life has been out in full force lately, we have seen numerous Bald Eagles everyday, lots of Deer, Raccoons,  a good variety of Waterfowl, etc..  It sounds like most of the smaller area streams are still frozen up pretty good but if you do not have a boat and are looking to get out and wade I hear that they are still catching good numbers of fish at the 6th street dam on the Grand River.  I know some guys that have been walking in near Croton Dam on the Muskegon River as well that have have been picking up a few fish as well on jigs and wax worms.     

Spring will be here soon so if you are looking to get out on the Muskegon River or Grand River give me a call to book your dates.  I still have a good number of dates open for February, March, April, and May open.  If you would rather wade in and fish we also offer walk in trips to the Rogue River and White River as well.  If you have a preferred method that you would like to learn let us know, if your looking to learn how to cast and use a Centerpin, back bounce, plug fish, etc. we can shorten that learning curve for you.

Here is a sample of the fish that we boated this past week.

west michigan steelhead fishing

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West Michigan King Salmon River Fishing

9/25/11  King Salmon Fishing around West Michigan has been on fire the past few weeks.  The Pere Marquette, White, and Muskgeon Rivers have all been fishing well, the Grand River has had a decent run of Coho, Kings, and a few Steelhead.  We have tied into some real monsters lately, I have had a lot of clients lately complaining of sore arms from battling some of these brute Kings.  We have been hooking lots of fish most days and landing a lot of fish most days.  Today was a little slower with the rain that fell, it seemed to have had the fish wanting to move more than anything.  We have been catching all of our fish on Crankbaits and while fishing Bobbers and Skein.  Fihing should continue to be good for Kings for the next few weeks and then we will start fishing Steelhead for the most part but still offering King Salmon Fishing Trips.  Call Now to get in on the action!


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