Spring Steelhead Fishing on the Grand and Muskegon Rivers

Spring is here and fresh Steelhead are showing up daily.  I have mainly been fishing on the Muskegon River but have hit the Grand lately as well.  The Grand River has been pretty high and dirty over the past week or two and is starting to shape up good.  We are forecasted more rain so it could get pretty ugly again for the Grand.  6th street dam in Grand Rapids has a good mix of some fresh steelhead and suckers showing up.  The Muskegon has been fishing decent over the past couple of weeks for us, it seems like fresh fish have been trickling in.  We have seen some pretty good sized fish mixed in with the average size ones that we have been catching.  With a little bump in the water we should see a good push of fish and it will be game on.  It looks like we are forecasted a little cooler weather this week which is good, it should prolong our Steelhead season.  I have some dates later in April that I was holding off on booking so if you want to get out I have the 13th, 18th,19th, 21st, 22nd, 26th, and 27th open.  

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